Data on the Airbnb Community

Last fall, we launched the Airbnb Community Compact, which included a commitment to share data about our community. Today, we are launching a new dashboard offering easy access to previously released data about the Airbnb community. The data, drawn from our database and surveys covering the 2015 calendar year, provides cities with insights about the Airbnb community including figures on the financial benefits for hosts, a breakdown of listings’ property-types, and how guests are using our people-to-people platform.

So far, the dashboard includes data from 2015 covering 10 cities or countries:

We will continue to update the dashboard with data from more places as we move forward and release additional information about communities around the world.

There have been more than 100 million guest arrivals in Airbnb listings across 34,000 cities and the way we live, work, and travel continues to change. There will be more people home sharing tomorrow than there are today and we know cities need information to make good decisions about home sharing. Governments around the world are already embracing Airbnb and we look forward to continuing to work with local leaders around the world to craft rules that work.