Denmark is known for its culture of home sharing and Airbnb guests from around the world have been coming to the country to visit beautiful places such as trendy Copenhagen, evolving Aarhus and the stunning coastal areas around the country since the early days of Airbnb. Hosts have opened up their homes across Denmark, giving guests a chance to stay a little longer and explore more of the country. Airbnb is committed to working with national and local governments to establish and integrate the sharing economy in a sustainable and progressive way that works for everyone. By doing so, we will be able to maximise the benefits of hosting in a fair and open manner for governments, hosts and local communities alike.

23 Nights hosted per year by a typical host

84% Hosts who share their primary residence

kr 15,000 Annual earnings for a typical host

Denmark embraces home sharing

We are happy to share good news from Denmark as the Danish government announced new and innovative rules for home sharing.

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Danish Architecture Center partners with Airbnb on opening exhibition ‘Welcome Home’

The Welcome Home exhibition aims to be a starting point for a conversation about the development of future housing, creating fruitful communities and urban development.

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New Poll: Danes are strong advocates for home sharing

A recent poll conducted by David Binder Research shows Danes are overwhelmingly in favour towards home sharing and want proportionate rules that allow people to share their homes and make tax simpler.

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