Destination Marketing Association International On Airbnb and Collaborative Partnerships

By: Nina Winston, Executive Vice President of Membership and Partner Relations, DMAI

As the association dedicated to serving over 600 member destinations across the globe, Destination Marketing Association International (DMAI) knows that the visitor experience is constantly growing in new directions. It is essential for us to understand and share best practices, innovations and trends with our members from their perspective, allowing them to adapt their destination experience to this new reality in the marketplace, by working collaboratively with industry and government partners on solutions to complex challenges.

One area of particular importance to our members is the continued evolution of the shared economy. In light of this, DMAI and Airbnb have joined together in a new partnership to better connect DMOs with this industry leader. As a member of DMAI’s team, I want to share our excitement at this opportunity to work with Airbnb.

The cornerstone of our partnership kickoff, which was prefaced by Chip Conley’s participation in a global panel at our Annual Convention, will be a Policy & Trends Brief on home sharing to be released by the end of 2016. This brief, designed to be practical and solutions-focused, will help destinations better understand the most recent developments in the shared accommodations space. It is important to note that this is not an opinion paper, but a look at questions to be addressed and potential solutions for destinations looking to integrate the shared accommodations segment into the local economy and visitor experience.

DMAI’s mission is to help destinations by delivering educational resources addressing the most current and pressing issues in the industry. By creating this brief in partnership with Airbnb, we are thrilled to be collaborating on the development of a resource that is valuable and helpful, and that will lead to further conversation, understanding and opportunity.

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