How to list your space on Airbnb for $0 during a disaster

During and immediately after a disaster, Airbnb works with local government and authorities to activate our Disaster Response tool in the affected areas. The program is almost completely community driven: Airbnb hosts can offer housing to displaced neighbors and relief workers deployed to help for $0. All service fees are waived.

Existing and new hosts who participate are still covered by the Host Guarantee, and Airbnb’s fees are waived. Visit our Disaster Response page to learn more about the program.

Need to book emergency accommodations?

Please visit our Disaster Response page and click “Find shelter.” Need help? Please review our step-by-step guide for guests.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to opening your home for evacuees.


Step 1

If you are new to Airbnb, please create a verified account. Then, visit our Disaster Response program page and click “Sign up your home” to begin.

Step 2

Existing hosts will see a drop down displaying their active listings. From there, clicking “Activate” will opt you into Open Homes, which means available calendar dates within the disaster response time frame will appear for $0 to evacuees searching through the portal.

If this is your first time listing your space on Airbnb, start off by telling us a little bit about your listing. This will help evacuees search for accommodations that fit their needs.

Step 3

Let us know how many guests you can accommodate, and how many beds you have available.

Step 4

Select how many bathrooms your home has, and whether it would be private for the guests, or shared with you.

Step 5

Enter the address of your home. Don’t worry, this will only be shared with confirmed guests after they book.

Step 6

Take a look at the map and make sure it’s accurate. This will ensure your home’s location will show up accurately in search results. Please keep in mind that you exact location will not be shared publicly, and only confirmed guests get your address.

Step 7

Select all amenities that your home has. This will be especially helpful to guests who had to quickly leave their homes and may not have a lot of personal items with them.

Step 8

Select which spaces guests can use. This will help guests find homes that work for them and their families.

Step 9

Add photos so guests can see what your home looks like, and where they will be staying. Photos from your phone are fine!

Step 10

Write a brief blurb describing your home. Be sure to mention you are opening your home for evacuees.

Step 11

Name your listing. This is the first thing that will show up in search results.

Step 12

Enter your mobile number. Only confirmed guests get your number.

Step 13

Click “Finish”. You will receive confirmation of your listing via email, and guests will contact you to request booking.

Visit our Disaster Response program page for more information.