Disaster Response & Relief

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During and directly after a disaster, temporary shelter and accommodations for those who are displaced and for relief workers who have deployed to respond can be hard to find. Airbnb activates our community of hosts and guests to aid local efforts to address this need.

Activating our hosts in times of disaster

When disasters strike, we often activate our hosts through our response tool to provide additional housing within the first week following a disaster – in or near the affected area. When the tool is activated, Airbnb automatically contacts hosts in the impacted and surrounding area asking if they have extra space they would like to share with their displaced neighbors at no cost. Hosts who choose to participate have their space listed on our disaster response portal. In addition, guests and hosts in the area have access to Airbnb’s 24/7 customer support.

Travel credit for relief organizations

Supporting partners where they deploy.

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Helping hosts prepare for disasters.

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Supporting governments and non-governmental organizations.

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We Accept

Our campaign to build belonging for refugees.

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Global Disaster Response & Relief

Fact sheets about our programs.



How our community comes together in times of need.

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