Discover Airbnb’s commitment to Barcelona

Since its arrival in Barcelona, Airbnb has worked to help promote sustainable tourism that makes communities stronger. Home sharing is a source of additional income for families in need and helps spread the economic benefits of tourism to communities locals call home.

Helping local families share their homes with guests is the best way to build quality tourism that makes Barcelona stronger. Families choose who they welcome into their homes, share house rules and pass on local recommendations on how to live like a local in their community.

We are working together with City Hall and are making good progress in our collaboration. This consists of four key areas:

1) Removing bad actors from the platform

In collaboration with City Hall, we’ve removed around 1,200 listings from the platform as a continuation of our mission to fight bad actors and promote sustainable tourism in the city.

2) Protecting long-term housing

We have introduced a new policy to proactively prevent hosts from sharing more than one entire home on the platform in Ciutat Vella. Since its implementation in May 2017, the number of listings in this neighbourhood has reduced by 25%, helping to protect long-term housing.

3) Facilitate payment of tourist tax

Airbnb wants to work with public administrations in Catalonia to collect tourist tax on behalf of hosts on the platform, as it already does in more than 340 cities and communities around the world. It’s a way to help hosts contribute financially to Barcelona.

4) Being good neighbours

Hosts on Airbnb are respectful neighbours and bad experiences are extremely rare. Anyone concerned about a listing in their community can visit and a member of our team will take appropriate action.

Airbnb is committed to being good partners to everyone in Barcelona. Despite good progress, Barcelona still has no clear rules for regular people who share their homes. There are only rules for professional operators running a business. This causes concern and confusion for many local residents who rely on the additional income they make by sharing their space.

Home sharing helps spread tourism benefits beyond tourist hotspots to local families and their communities, for example, 8 out of 10 hosts live outside Ciutat Vella. We are committed to continue working with everyone in Barcelona and Catalonia to support local families who share their homes with clear rules, and to help build sustainable tourism models that make communities stronger.

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