Projected Economic Impact of Airbnb Open in LA

Host and Guest Activity

16,700 Guest arrivals to LA (11/15-11/21)

$20M Projected total guest spending

$30.4M Total economic activity* coming into the city of LA

This week, Los Angeles will be the home to Airbnb Open, our annual hosting festival. Thousands of hosts from around the world will travel to L.A. to participate in 3 days of exciting talks, performances, activities, city explorations, and panels.

From November 15 to November 21, 16,700 guests will travel to Los Angeles and spend money on local restaurants and businesses throughout the city.

Typically, Airbnb hosts make 97 cents on every dollar.  During Airbnb Open weekend LA hosts are expected to earn over $10.4 million.  Guest spending in Los Angeles is expected to generate $20 million.

Activity by Geographic Area

  1. Hollywood
  2. Mid-Wilshire
  3. Venice
  4. Downtown
  5. Silver Lake
  6. Echo Park
  7. Westlake
  8. Hollywood Hills
  9. Mar Vista
  10. North Hollywood

Top cities of origin of guest arrivals

  1. Los Angeles
  2. San Francisco
  3. New York City
  4. Portland
  5. London
  6. Melbourne
  7. Oakland
  8. Chicago
  9. Rochester
  10. San Jose

Hosting Brings Economic Benefits Every Single Day

Airbnb expands the economic pie for thousands of middle class Angelenos. In 2015, the typical Airbnb host in Los Angeles earned $7,000 from hosting. This income is an economic lifeline for everyday people in L.A. that are looking to make ends meet.

Last year, two-thirds of Airbnb guests in Los Angeles stayed outside of the traditional hotel districts, spending their accommodation dollars and some of their daytime travel budgets in neighborhoods that haven’t traditionally benefitted from tourism. In 2015, the Airbnb community generated more than $670 million in economic activity and an estimated $920 million in economic impact in the city of Los Angeles.

Airbnb Open will bring an estimated $30.4M to the city of Los Angeles over the next few days. Hosts from around the world will have an opportunity to experience all that LA has to offer while spending on businesses through the city’s different neighborhoods.

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* “Economic Activity” is defined as: 16,700 guest arrivals * 6 nights * $200 daily spending, along with $10.4m in host earnings.

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