Airbnb’s economic impact in Long Beach in 2017

The City of Long Beach is home to over 950 Airbnb hosts who earn valuable supplemental income by sharing their homes with travelers from around the world. From entire homes, to private rooms and shared spaces, the Airbnb host community of Long Beach has something for everyone looking for an authentic way to experience the city.

Last year alone, our host community welcomed over 70,000 guest arrivals to Long Beach, who spent an estimated $42 million at local businesses. This spending directly benefits hundreds of local small businesses, many of which are located outside of traditional tourist destinations, spreading the economic benefits of home sharing to every corner of the city.

What’s more, Airbnb helps the city support the influx of visitors during big events. From the Grand Prix to the Pride Parade, our host community helps expand the city’s lodging capacity in order to better capture the economic impact that short-term rentals provide.

This report shows Airbnb’s impact on hosts and the city’s business community for the calendar year of 2017. It combines proprietary data with the results of a survey sent to guests who experienced Long Beach through Airbnb.


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