Encouraging Europe to Unite on a Plan for Growth

Last month, the European Commission – the Executive body of the European Union – said it is planning discussions with member states to explore how national rules may be restricting the development of the collaborative economy in Europe, which can provide a vital boost to growth and jobs in Europe.

The Commission also said it expects to issue guidance to member states on how existing EU rules should be applied to collaborative business models, building on recent commitments to develop a clear regulatory framework that promotes collaborative economy entrepreneurship in Europe.

Today, Airbnb joins 46 other collaborative economy platforms in signing an open letter to the Presidency of Europe’s Competitiveness Council, encouraging member states to unite behind an agenda for the collaborative economy that secures sustainable economic growth for Europe, and ensures that local and national laws don’t restrict economic growth or opportunities for ordinary Europeans to benefit from this growing global movement.

Europe’s Competitiveness Council will meet later this month to discuss the collaborative economy and develop conclusions that reflect the views of European member states. These conclusions will further guide the EU’s ongoing work on the collaborative economy in Europe towards the completion of the EU single market.

We applaud the European Commission for its work so far to prioritise the collaborative economy and for recognising its importance for making Europe competitive globally. Their forward-thinking proposals can help secure digital futures for everyone in Europe. We encourage EU policy makers to build on this good work and lead an economic revolution that unlocks the power of the collaborative economy for countless families, communities and local businesses in Europe.

You can view the letter here.