Everything senior hosts can teach us about hosting

Seniors love hosting. And they are great at it! In Spain, 19 000 hosts are over 60: this is the fastest growing group on the platform. But most importantly, they are the best reviewed.

We’ve asked four superhosts over 60 why they started hosting in the first place and what their secret for success is. Here’s what they told us.

Carlos (Started hosting at 69)

“You have to put yourself in your guests’ shoes: They have dreams and needs. Before they even get home, we already trust each other. I wait for them in the street, and then I dedicate my time to them so they can feel at home, in my house and in my city”.

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Magda and Enrique (Started hosting at 70 and 75)

“We shared our home for decades before Airbnb was even created. And we know that welcoming, that first impression, is the most important thing. We’ve been messaging with our guests for weeks so when we finally meet, I hug them as if they are family, and Magda has coffee and lemonade ready for them”.

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Pepita (Started hosting at 64)

“I needed some economic help at that moment in my life and sharing my extra rooms allowed me to stay in my house. I keep doing it because now I can devote more time to my grandchildren. I was too busy working when I was younger and I barely enjoyed my kid’s childhood”.

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Javier (Started hosting at 73)

“As you get older, you have a lot of things and experiences to share. You retire from work, but not from society. Sharing your home comes as the most natural thing to do”.

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