Experiencing San Francisco’s Musical Heritage at Jerry Day

We are thrilled to celebrate San Francisco’s musical heritage by sponsoring Jerry Day, a spirited annual event unique to San Francisco. Each year atop McLaren Park in the Excelsior, musicians, residents, and visitors gather to pay tribute to Grateful Dead frontman and San Francisco native Jerry Garcia. The widely attended event draws visitors to the southeast district to enjoy friends and family, live music, and the outdoors.

In 2002, fellow Excelsior native Tom Murphy was motivated to commemorate the famed musician and make a contribution to his community. In order to raise funds for the restoration of a local park and playground, he designed and sold t-shirts adorned with Garcia’s own artwork. When the campaign was a success, he realized the potential of highlighting the neighborhood’s ties to beloved icon Garcia. The annual Jerry Day celebration was started to instill a sense of pride in the community, attract activity to the neighborhood, and cast a spotlight on the Excelsior. Fourteen years later, the effort that initially started as a t-shirt campaign has evolved into a major cultural event, and is now in its thirteenth year at McLaren Park.

Revelers flock to the Excelsior from all over the city and country, many returning year after year to experience this event and share their love for Garcia’s music. Speaking to the growth of Jerry Day over the years, Murphy explained, “People are recognizing Jerry Day as a cultural asset to the city… [it’s] a destination point for people who want to travel to San Francisco and check out something cool in an authentic area.” For guests and residents looking to experience an authentic piece of San Francisco’s history, Jerry Day is a can’t miss event.

Jerry Day 2016 will take place on Sunday, August 14th at the Jerry Garcia amphitheater in McLaren Park. For more information visit www.jerryday.org.

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