This Father’s Day, we celebrate our Airbnb dads

This Father’s Day, we’re celebrating our hosting dads across the country. From Lawrence, a single dad of four in Seattle, to Kelly and his husband, fathers of three in DC, Airbnb dads play a vital role in our community.


Lawrence: Beacon Hill, Seattle, WA

Lawrence has been recovering from a back injury for the past six years, and suffered a loss of income in the process. As a single dad of four, the extra income from home sharing helps Lawrence save for his children’s future, and has allowed him to focus on his health. For Lawrence and his kids, hosting is a family affair. They love sharing the best local spots Seattle has to offer with their guests. More here.

Ryan: Nashville, TN

Rebekah, Ryan, and their children Jackson (6), Marleigh (age?), and new baby brother Cash (3 months), are a family full of character, charm and love. The couple moved to Nashville 10 years ago and have raised their beautiful family in their East Nashville home for the past nine years. “When we were considering moving here, this neighborhood was still developing,” Rebekah recalls. “Money was tight, but this house was brand new and within our budget, so we bought it and have loved this neighborhood, our neighbors and this house ever since.” More here.

Kelly: Capitol Hill, Washington, DC

Kelly and his husband began sharing the bottom-floor apartment of their Ward 6 rowhouse in 2012. “It was a work in progress.” Kelly recalls. “After our first guest, I realized this could actually work.”

To date, Kelly’s family has hosted over 350 Airbnb guests, including repeat visitors who book 11 months in advance. “From a financial perspective, it has brought in a lot more money for our family,” Kelly explains. “That has helped us with the costs of a family of five. Most of it is paying off debts, a vacation account, and summer camps.”

With a separate apartment and a keypad lock, Kelly’s visitors can enjoy total privacy, but for those looking for some additional company, Kelly’s three young children are more than happy to meet new friends in the front yard. More here.

Jeff: Brighton, Boston, MA

Jeff Klein is able to pursue his dream job–being stay-at-home dad–by hosting on Airbnb.

“When the daycare bills were more than my income, it just made sense to become a stay-at-home dad,” he recalls.

However, as the cost of living in the metro-Boston region continues to soar, he and his wife still struggled to make ends meet. So after having read about Airbnb, they decided to share their three bedroom home when they were headed out of town to visit family.

“We offer a kid-friendly option, which doesn’t exist in hotels—along with my wife’s quirky and whimsical design style, our home is something unique for guests.” More here.

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