Fighting for you in New York

You might have seen news reports about a subpoena from the Office of the New York Attorney General demanding data about all Airbnb hosts in New York.  The vast majority of these hosts are everyday New Yorkers who occasionally share the home in which they live. We always want to work with governments to make the Airbnb community stronger, but at this point, this demand is unreasonably broad and we will fight it with everything we’ve got.

Today, I want to provide a few details on our work in New York and the steps we are taking to strengthen the Airbnb community and fight for you.

Last week, months of work with our key teams and lawmakers around the world culminated in an announcement from our CEO about our vision for the Airbnb community, who we are and what we stand for. We announced that we want to work with leaders in New York and other cities to ensure that the Airbnb community pays applicable taxes. We announced that we were creating a new hotline to help weed out the few bad actors from the Airbnb community. And we made it clear that we want to continue working with leaders in New York to clarify the existing laws that govern short-term rentals so we can create a fair, transparent, cooperative environment for this incredible beneficial activity to continue.

We believe the Attorney General is only seeking to target an incredibly small number of bad actors who abuse the Airbnb platform. That’s a goal we all share. Bad actors like illegal hotel operators and slumlords aren’t part of our vision and have no place on Airbnb and we hope we can work with State leaders to weed out these individuals.

Here’s what happens next:

In the days ahead, we’ll continue our conversations with the Attorney General’s office to see if we can work together to support Airbnb hosts and remove bad actors from the Airbnb platform. We are confident we can reach a solution that protects your personal information and cracks down on people who abuse the system.

As these conversations continue, we will always be committed to protecting our hosts’ privacy and we will always stand by the hosts who are the heart and soul of this community. And in the days and weeks ahead, I’ll use this space to keep you informed about this matter.

I’ll also continue to update you on our larger efforts to fix the law that is at issue in this case.  Even the politicians who wrote the original New York law agree it was never designed to target ordinary, everyday people who occasionally share their homes. We want to continue to work with policymakers to clarify these rules, fight illegal hotels, and ensure people in New York can share their homes with travelers from around the world.

Every day, we are inspired by the stories of hosts who are sharing the home they live in and the city they love with people from around the world. And we will never stop fighting for you.