Find out more about the new legislation for French hosts

Since April 29, 2017, cities with more than 200,000 residents now have the ability to establish a registration process for homes offered for short term rental (STR). The legislation refers  to “declaration” or “registration” interchangeably, concepts which are synonymous in this case.

Please find below answers to some frequently asked questions about this new legislation:

When would registration procedures come into force?

Registration will become applicable to hosts only once a municipality has decided to introduce a registration procedure (see below) and has put the necessary technical systems in place. Until then, nothing changes – the existing rules continue to apply (see our Responsible Hosting for more information). 

How do you know if you are impacted by this process?

The implementation of a declaration procedure, which concerns mainly cities with more than 200,000 inhabitants, is optional and a matter for municipalities to decide. We invite you to get in touch with your city council to see if they intend to implement a registration system.

What is the scope of this registration process?

Registration is required in relation to the rental of tourist accommodation as defined here, whether classified or not.

In cities that have chosen to set up a registration system, if you occasionally rent your home (to tourists for example), whether it is all or part of your primary or secondary residence, you will have to follow the rules of this new procedure. 

Note: if the accommodation you are renting out is a “bed and breakfast” (chambre d’hôtes, as defined here) a tourist residence or a hotel, you do not have to register.

The registration system will apply only in the municipalities that elect to implement a registration process. Elsewhere, nothing changes – the existing rules continue to apply (see our “Responsible Hosting” page for more information). As a reminder, they are: 

  • If you rent your primary residence on an occasional basis less than 120 days a year, you do not have to take any special steps with your City Council
  • If you rent your secondary residence, you must declare your dwelling at the Town Hall using this document, and possibly ask for a change of use authorization if the by-law so provides. 

How do I register?

Cities wishing to set up this system must make available an online system for registration, in order to simplify this process. If you are renting more than one dwelling, you will have to register each dwelling separately – provided that they are located in the territory of a municipality that has set up a declaration process.

What information will you have to provide to the municipality?

During the declaration, you will be asked to specify the address of the dwelling you are renting and if it is your primary residence. You will not be asked to provide supporting documentation.

How soon will you get this registration number?

Once the information has been sent to the City Council electronically, you will receive an acknowledgment of receipt, which will include the declaration number. You will then have to include it in the description of your online ad.

Is Airbnb involved in this process?

No, the registration procedure will involve only the municipalities concerned and the hosts whose accommodation is located in these areas. 

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