Find out what home sharers in Frankfurt think about home sharing

A few weeks ago, the Hessian Parliament ruled that cities in Hesse must incorporate home sharing into their local housing laws.

The Hessian Parliament has clearly shown cities, like Frankfurt, who have strict housing laws that disproportionately affect home sharers, the importance of differentiating between home sharers and commercial operators.

Learn more about why people from Frankfurt share their home with travelers from all across the globe:


“My brother and I live in a shared flat in Berlin. When we visit our family in Nepal, we rent out our apartment, which would otherwise be left empty for the time we are away.”


“As a home sharer, I show travelers my Frankfurt. You cannot find my tips in any tourist guide or online.”



“Home sharing allowed me to get to know my neighbors. Many of them have small apartments and they rent our guest room when they have visitors come to stay.”


“Home sharing means meeting new people from all corners of the globe. I spend time with my guests and show them around my neighborhood.”



“I share a guest room in my home and meet interesting people from all around the world. That’s why I am a home sharer.”

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