Florence collects tourist tax via Airbnb starting in January 2018

Airbnb will automatically collect and remit tourist tax in Florence as a  reservation is made from January 1st 2018. Tourist tax paid to the Florence City Council applies to all non-city residents visiting Florence and therefore applies to those who choose to experience the city on Airbnb.  

Following a year long negotiation between Airbnb and the Budget and Mayor’s office, Florence joins the likes of Genoa and Bologna to collect tourist tax via the Airbnb platform.

We are among the first Italian cities in Italy, and among the ones with the highest tourist tax revenue, to reach this agreement that not only simplifies the collection and remittance of tax for short-term rental property owners, but also represents a milestone in order to avoid tax evasion. The collaboration initiated with Airbnb is a key one that we would like to extend to other online platforms featuring short-term rentals: we encourage them to do likewise.

Dario Nardella, Mayor of Florence

We would like to thank the Florence Administration for keenly wanting this agreement and for its far-sighted approach in embracing the technology of the platform.

Matteo Stifanelli, Country Manager Airbnb Italia

The agreement represents a milestone in streamlining the process of tourist tax collection and contributes towards the transparency and the digitalization in how tax is collected in the city. The agreement ensures that the accommodation price shown on the platform is inclusive of the tourist tax (3 euros per guest, for no more than seven nights) and will be directly remitted to the city by the 15th of each month. Thanks to the agreement, the municipal offices predict they will collect up to 6.5 million euros that will go straight into city funds.

Florence joins the 340 administrations around the world that Airbnb partners with to collect and remit taxes. So far, these partnerships have collected and remitted over 510 million dollars.

Una delegazione di host fiorentini ha fatto visita al Sindaco Nardella nel giorno della firma dell’accordo fra Airbnb e il Comune di Firenze // A group of hosts from the Airbnb community met the Mayor of Florence, Dario Nardella

Airbnb Florence’s data from the last 12 months

  • 5,300 Florence hosts welcomed travelers from all over the world
  • 10,400 listings on Airbnb
  • 690,000 guest arrivals, up +30% compared to last year / compared to previous period
  • 76% of hosts in Florence feature only one listing
  • The average length of a guest’s stay was 3.1 nights per trip
  • The average group using Airbnb in Florence is formed by 2.6 people
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