45,000 total number of hosts statewide

4.5 million+ total number of guests welcomed to the Sunshine State this year

$810 million total host income


Home sharing in the Sunshine State is thriving: From Tallahassee to Tampa, Kissimmee to the Keys, Florida’s incredible host community is showcasing authentic, local experiences, sending visitors to parts of the city not usually on a tourist itinerary and supporting local businesses in the process.

Airbnb is committed to making sure home sharing benefits all of Florida, and we are working with elected officials to help craft fair and clear regulations that will permit us to collect and remit hotel taxes around the state.


2017 Florida Tax Report

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2018 in review

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Florida and the big hotels

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Honoring our veteran hosts

Veterans Day is an important moment to honor the 18.5 million military veterans across the US who have made the enormous sacrifice of putting their country before themselves. At Airbnb, we are proud to have so many active military members and veterans in our host community and want to share a few of their inspiring stories this Veterans Day.

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Welcome to Danville | Airbnb

What do a treehouse, a yurt, an airplane hangar and an alpaca farm have in common? They’re all part of Danville—built by inventor-turned-host, Dan of Seminole County.

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Airbnb announces #1 most wish-listed listings in all 67 Florida counties

Airbnb’s “wish-list” function allows users to save the listings they most desire when planning trips, whether it be a beautiful kitchen, a peaceful backyard, or a charming neighborhood that catches their eye. The most wish-listed listings in Florida are among the most unique and special homes on Airbnb’s platform.

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Conflicting laws on the local level are causing confusion among Florida homeowners

After following the rules and getting a business license with Okaloosa County, Airbnb hosts Mark and Lisa were hit with a cease and desist letter from the City of Destin. Law abiding homeowners across Florida want to know: don’t they have the right to decide who can stay in their home?

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Mayor Ashton Hayward agrees: Vacation rentals are a win for Florida

In the past year, Florida welcomed over 2.5 million Airbnb guests. Local elected officials across the Sunshine State, like Mayor Ashton Hayward of Pensacola, agree that vacation rentals are good for Florida’s economy and its citizens.

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Meet our veteran community in the Sunshine State

Veterans and military families represent the backbone of Florida’s way of life. Through opening their doors and sharing their values with visitors from around the world, hosts like Lauren, Maura, Carl and Aimee make the Sunshine State that much more welcoming and culturally enriching.

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