Football to Bring Economic Opportunity to Atlanta

Home sharing reaps economic and social benefits for cities and residents during some of football’s biggest events of the year

Airbnb is a company that was built on big events. In 2007, Airbnb co-founders Brian and Joe noticed all the hotels in San Francisco were booked solid during a design conference. They grabbed a few air mattresses, built a website and promised a home-cooked breakfast for their guests. When they opened their homes to Michael, Kat, and Amol that weekend, the Airbnb community was born.

Today, Airbnb has grown into a people-to-people platform that connects hosts and guests around the world. To date, there are more than 5 million listings in over 81,000 cities and 191 countries globally. There have been more than 400 million guest arrivals on Airbnb and on any given night, there are roughly two million people using the platform for their stay. On top of that, there are now more than 15,000 Experiences worldwide in 1,000 cities – including Atlanta. These are local led, handcrafted activities that allow travelers to experience a different and authentic side of the city, while allowing locals to share their skills and interests.

We’ve seen from big events in years past that Airbnb is uniquely positioned to help cities use existing space to scale accommodations and welcome the influx of visitors. In coming months, the Airbnb community  – including  teachers and senior hosts – can help thousands of guests looking for a place to stay as they travel to cheer on their favorite teams in the Peach Bowl and Super Bowl LIII, respectively. This report outlines the positive economic impact that the Airbnb community will have during these upcoming events and demonstrates how the City of Atlanta will stand to benefit.


On December 29, fans will flock to Atlanta to root for their college football team of choice in the Peach Bowl, an annual football bowl game which takes place in Atlanta. Guests will travel from 893 cities and 49 countries to visit Atlanta and use Airbnb on December 29, 2018. Below is a snapshot of the top 10 cities guests are traveling from:

  • 1. New York, New York 
  • 2. Miami, Florida
  • 3. Chicago, Illinois
  • 4. Jacksonville, Florida
  • 5. Gainesville, Florida
  • 6. Tampa, Florida
  • 7. Nashville, Tennessee
  • 8. Los Angeles, California
  • 9. Charlotte, North Carolina
  • 10. Memphis, Tennessee 
Guests Projected
Projected Host Earnings

Many guests coming to town for big events like a football weekend are looking to stay outside of the traditional tourist zone. This means that local shops and restaurants that wouldn’t otherwise benefit from visitor spending are able to get additional business on these busy weekends because more than 40 percent of guest spending is done in the neighborhood in which they stay. In Atlanta, the top neighborhoods where guests are slated to stay on December 29 are:

Top Neighborhood Destinations

  • 1. Downtown
  • 2. Midtown
  • 3. Old Fourth Ward
  • 4. Home Park 
  • 5. Grant Park 
  • 6. Piedmont Heights/Morningside/Lenox
  • 7. Mechanicsville
  • 8. Magnolia Park/Vine City
  • 9. St. Charles/Greenwood/Atkins Park
  • 10. North Buckhead

Just over one month following the Peach Bowl, Atlanta will host the Big Game and is expected to reap $180 million in economic growth throughout the weekend. This is a huge boon for hosts looking to make additional income in the New Year.

Guests Expected
Host Earnings

Based on Airbnb data, we expect guests will come from more than 742 cities, 36 countries and 46 states. Below are the top 10 city origins for guests traveling to see the Big Game in Atlanta between January 27 and February 3:

And, similarly to the December 29 game, guests will stay across Atlanta, helping democratize travel and capitalism by allowing hosts and small businesses to earn important income throughout the big event. The top 10 neighborhood destinations based on current bookings throughout the week of January 27- February 3 are:

  • 1. New York City, New York
  • 2. Chicago, Illinois
  • 3. New Orleans, Louisiana
  • 4. Los Angeles, California
  • 5. Nashville, Tennessee
  • 6. Boston, Massachusetts
  • 7. Washington, D.C.
  • 8. Houston, Texas
  • 9. Austin, Texas  
  • 10. Baltimore, Maryland

And, similarly to the December 29 game, guests will stay across Atlanta, helping democratize travel and capitalism by allowing hosts and small businesses to earn important income throughout the big event. The top 10 neighborhood destinations based on current bookings throughout the week of January 27- February 3 are:

  • 1. Downtown
  • 2. Midtown
  • 3. Grant Park
  • 4. Old Fourth Ward
  • 5. Home Park
  • 6. North Buckhead
  • 7. Sherwood Forest/Ansley Park
  • 8. Piedmont Heights/Morningside/Lenox
  • 9. Lindbergh/Morosgo/Pine Hills
  • 10. Edgewood


It’s no surprise that travelers are regularly plagued by exorbitant hotel rates during major events. For example, during the 2018 game, Minneapolis hotels raised their prices up to 10x the usual rate even in distant suburbs. Airbnb will provide hosts with information on fair and reasonable pricing for their listings, trust and safety tips, and standards for an exceptional hospitality experience.

As the Big Game nears, short term rentals like those offered on Airbnb not only provide an important source of income for hosts, but ensure travelers have a place to stay. In September, “Hotels in town (were) full” according to a report on hotel occupancy rates for the Big Game and more recently, news reported that, “Atlanta hotel rates expected to triple for Super Bowl.


Serving as ambassadors for their city is nothing new for Atlanta’s Airbnb hosts. Year over year, Atlanta is ranked the most popular destination for Airbnb guests to the Peach State. In fact, the typical host* in Atlanta earned roughly $5,700 in 2017 and the entire Airbnb community welcomed more than 252,000 guests in Atlanta during the same time period. 2017 brought in approximately $40 million in total extra income for local Airbnb hosts in Atlanta, $5,700 for the typical host, and over 252,000 in guest arrivals to Atlanta overall.

*Typical Host – the median host for all hosts in Atlanta who had at least one active listing as of the start of the study period and at least one booking during the time period

Typical Host Earnings
Average Guest Rating
Women Hosts

In Atlanta during Labor Day Weekend 2018, a record-breaking number of Airbnb guests visited the city for events throughout the city. As a result, Atlantans who shared their home with Airbnb travelers collectively earned over $1.3 million in supplemental income.

The upcoming football games create continued opportunity for Atlanta families to use their most valuable asset — their home — to earn important supplemental income and help make ends meet. As hotel rooms become increasingly less available, Airbnb hosts will all play an important role in helping the city accommodate guests and help them experience Atlanta like true locals.

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