France is one of the most popular countries to visit. Since 2008, there have been over 30 million Airbnb guest arrivals in France. Travelers come to France to discover the rich and diverse destinations of the country and experience authentic tourism with passionate hosts. Today, 80 percent of listings on Airbnb in France are outside Paris. Many are in towns and villages that don’t typically benefit from tourism and are underserved by traditional hospitality providers. Airbnb hosts in France need clear, simple rules to follow. In the coming months, we will continue to support our community and work with cities in France so elected officials better understand the positive economic, social and environmental impacts of home sharing.

Airbnb anchors a customer service center in Wasquehal (Hauts-de-France) in partnership with Acticall Sitel

For the first time in its history, Airbnb announces the establishment, in Wasquehal, near Lille in the Hauts-de-France region, of its first customer service centre dedicated to the Airbnb Community in France.

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“Welcome to France”: Airbnb’s community board meets for the second time

Nobody knows the Airbnb platform better than the users. That is why, in March 2018, Airbnb launched the first community board in France. The goal is to give a voice to the community in order to build the future of the platform together

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Partnership Airbnb and Century 21: simplifying subletting for everyone

Airbnb is committed to being more and more inclusive. Airbnb has signed a unique and historic partnership with Century 21, one of the world’s leading network of estate agents. Any tenant or landlord may apply for an Airbnb-friendly lease, which authorises subletting as part of a revenue share between the landlord, tenant and agency.

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Advice from Parisian hosts to guests in the city


Airbnb, the 17th district and Neighbors’ Day unite to promote neighborly practices in Paris

Committed to healthy tourism, Airbnb, the 17th district and Neighbors’ Day (La Fête des voisins) decided to form a new partnership to promote good neighborly practices in Parisian districts.

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Airbnb to collect automatically tourist tax in 23,000 towns in France

As of July 1st, Airbnb will extend its automatic tourist tax collection tool to around 23,000 municipalities in France, becoming the first short term rental platform to contribute massively to city revenues.

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Congratulations to everyone who celebrated Neighbor’s Day !

On May 25th, the Airbnb community celebrated Neighbor’s Day all over France. Many of you inaugurated our new partnership by organizing more than twenty parties all through the country.

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Airbnb and short-term rentals platform commit to sustainable tourism together with the French Government

Today, Julien Denormandie, Secretary of State for Territorial Cohesion, Airbnb and other members of the National Home Holidays Association (UNPLV) gathered to release a series of voluntary commitments to promote responsible and sustainable tourism in major cities in France.

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You're host on Airbnb? Organize your own Neighbor’s Day party

Get out the trestles, chips and sodas! For the first time in its history, Airbnb has joined forces with the Fête des voisins to celebrate living together.

On Friday May 25th, organize your own event with neighbors, guests and friends for a memorable evening! You can imagine a picnic, a cocktail party or a drink in a local café.

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Living together in your neighborhood: personalized guides for each city

Because hosts, residents and neighbors all share the city in which they live, Airbnb now offers all French municipalities a personalized guide.

The fruit of collaboration between hosts and municipal teams, these guides highlight the general rules specific to each city.

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This is how Airbnb promotes sustainable traveling and fights mass tourism

Airbnb released a new report today that provides a better understanding of how the host and traveling community is helping to fight mass tourism.

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Airbnb and Handicap International work together for greater inclusion

During Tourism & Disability month, Airbnb continues its commitment to inclusion. Following the announcement of its partnership with Handicap International and the acquisition of the Accomable platform, Airbnb is preparing to offer new accessible accommodations, in addition to those already present on the platform.

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I am France – Find out the impact of the Airbnb hosts community in France 

They are Myriam, Amélie ou Jean-Paul.
They are 22, 35 or 84 years old.
They live in Cergy, Châtillon-en-Dunois or Bordeaux.
Their common point? They’re all hosts on Airbnb.

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Registration in Paris: all you need to know

Since October 1st, 2017, the City of Paris has put in place a registration process for hosts who host on an occasional basis. This is an easy and quick process that only takes 5 minutes to complete.

Please find below answers to some frequently asked questions about this new registration process.

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Airbnb to introduce automated caps in Central Paris to promote responsible and sustainable home sharing

Airbnb has today announced it will automatically limit entire home listings in Paris’ central districts from being shared for more than 120 nights a year, unless hosts confirm that they have the required permission to share their space more frequently.

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"Bravo Paris and Emmanuel Macron !"

The International Olympic Committee has just awarded Paris the privilege of hosting the Olympic Games in 2024, a century after the last Games in Paris. Read the letter from Brian Chesky sent to France’s President, Emmanuel Macron.

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Share your favourite summer memories on Airbnb

Summer is almost over and you have hosted guests from all over the world. Did guests bring flowers to thank you for your hospitality? Did you share a nice dinner with them? Did you give them a guided tour of your neighbourhood?

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Local hosts launch France’s second home sharing club in Bordeaux

On July 3rd, more than sixty guests gathered in Bordeaux to launch the second Home Sharing Club in France! Relive this event by clicking here.


Local Hosts Launch France’s First Home Sharing Club in Paris

June 27 will remain engraved in the history of home-sharing in France! The date of the first Home Sharing Club in the country. Relive this event by clicking here.


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Why do people host in France?

In early June, we asked our Community to take a short survey to find out why you choose to host on Airbnb. More than 1,400 have responded our survey. For that, we can’t thank our Community enough.

Discover the results right now!

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Beyond cities: how Airbnb supports rural revitalisation

Airbnb democratises tourism by bringing its economic benefits to all the communities. In France for instance, rural listings grew from 25,000 in 2015 to 47,000 in 2016. And 60% of rural hosts are women. Find out more information about our rural report.

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Launch your Home Sharing Club in your city

Around the world, Airbnb hosts and guests are coming together to form local Home Sharing Clubs. They are mobilizing our community to advocate for clear rules in their cities. To date, more than 100 Home Sharing Clubs have been formed worldwide. Launch your own one here.

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Airbnb is committed to helping and welcoming refugees in France and across the world

Airbnb’s 5-year goal is to provide free short-term housing to 100,000 people in need. Discover Open Homes, our new platform.

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New data, programme show Airbnb strengthening European communities

Today, we are sharing new data showing travel using Airbnb is expected to boost communities in Europe by an estimated €340 billion by 2020, and will support an estimated 1 million jobs across the region that year.

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Kaysersberg elected “French favorite village”

The TV show of France 2 “The French favourite village” has rewarded Kaysersberg, an Alsatian village, as the best village in France. 13 villages were in the race. In Kaysersberg, hosts on Airbnb offer not less than twenty houses. As for number 2, Saint-Valéry-sur-Somme, nearly thirty dwellings are proposed by the Airbnb community.

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Find out the impact of the Airbnb community in this dynamic map

This interactive map of France is made for you to know more about Airbnb in France. You’ll find to the impact of the Airbnb community.

A tour of meetups Airbnb with Parisian hosts

We had not met the community for a few months. So we decided to do a tour in Paris because we it was important for us to re-create this important link. The initial idea was to find each other by regrouping arrondissements around a glass of wine and some cheese to discuss.

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Hosts on Airbnb generates €64 million of economic boost in Centre - Val de Loire

Airbnb hosts in Centre – Val de Loire have welcomed 234,000 guest arrivals in the past 12 months alone. This has grown from 2,100 guests arrivals on Airbnb in 2012. More than 21 percent of these travelers are international.

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Week For Good: The Airbnb team comes together for a week of voluntary action in Paris

“Week of Good” is an annual event that brings together Airbnb employees, non-profit partners and our community of hosts. The aim of this special week is to give up some of our time to help those in our community who need it most. This year, we organised a busy program: from a walk in the Buttes Chaumont with elderly people, potting at the Maisons Gaîté in Montparnasse and DIY in the urban farm of Bobigny.

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Find out more about the new legislation for French hosts

Since April 29, 2017, cities with more than 200,000 residents now have the ability to establish a registration process for homes offered for short term rental (STR).

Please find here all the answers to some frequently asked questions about this new legislation.

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Brittany region: Airbnb generates economic boost of €260 million spread over 940 villages

Airbnb hosts in Brittany have welcomed 410,000 guest arrivals in 2016. This has grown from 2,400 guests arrivals on Airbnb in 2012. 21,000 listings are available on Airbnb in Brittany, spread over 940 cities and villages.

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Meet Isabelle, who hosts travelers from everywhere

“When I host Airbnb guests, I am essentially hosting friends and family”

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Airbnb boosted French economy with €6,5 billion in 2016

In 2016, 8 million guests have used Airbnb to travel in France. The Airbnb community offered 400,000 listings, spread over more than 19,000 cities and villages in France. This activity has sustained more than 30,000 jobs across all regions in France.

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Normandy: Airbnb generates economic boost of €175 million spread over 1,600 villages

Today, we are highlighting new data about the Airbnb community in Normandy, France. It shows that Airbnb helps grow and diversify tourism in the region, generates new economic activity, spreads benefits to more families and communities and supports local residents who share their homes.

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Meet our French ambassadors

We are happy to release three videos of our Airbnb ambassadors in French regions. Meet Fred and Christine, Airbnb ambassadors in PACA region, Yann and Clotilde, Airbnb ambassadors in Hauts-de-France region, and Pauline, Airbnb ambassador for the Burgundy region.

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Airbnb community spreads benefits to 1,500 villages and cities in the Burgundy region

The Airbnb community generated €68 million in total economic activity in the Burgundy region over the last 12 months, including guest spending and host income. Airbnb hosts in the Burgundy region have welcomed 185,000 guest arrivals in the past 12 months alone. This has grown from 1,400 guests arrivals on Airbnb in 2012.

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Parisians back home sharing and reject registration proposals

Today we are highlighting new polling data that shows Parisians think home sharing is good news for the city and helps boost earnings for local families. Almost three quarters of Parisians agree that Airbnb is good news for Paris by helping local families boost their income.

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New study shows women hosts have earned €10 billion on Airbnb

On this special day, we are proud to celebrate our global community of women hosts, and we are committed to supporting women around the world in their journeys at home and abroad. In France, 59% of hosts are women and the typical annual income is about 2,070€

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Airbnb community boosts Ile-de-France economy by €2 billion

Today, we are highlighting new data about the Airbnb community in the Ile-de-France region in France. It shows that Airbnb helps grow and diversify tourism in the region, generates new economic activity, spreads benefits to more families and communities and supports local residents who share their homes.

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Meet Sylvie, An Airbnb Host from Paris

When travellers push the door of Sylvie’s building, they always succumb to the charm of the courtyard, so typically Parisian. Very well maintained, the whole building was renovated last year.

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The European Commission wants to know your views on home sharing

The European Commission recently launched a survey, offering home sharers an opportunity to share their views on the development of the tourism industry in Europe.

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Meet Magali, An Airbnb Host from Aix-en-Provence

A former Parisian, Magali arrived in Provence sixteen years ago. She fell in love with the City of Aix-en-Provence immediately. She owns a holiday home historical center where she welcomes family and gets to enjoy some holiday time there herself.

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Meet Romain and Florence, Airbnb Hosts from Lambesc

Romain is the typical Airbnb host from South of France. Generous and authentic, he and his wife Florence would host you in their charming house near from Aix-en-Provence. There is no doubt that they definitely deserve the “Top Host France Airbnb” award. Read their story.

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Airbnb Remits €7.3m in Tourist Tax in France

Airbnb is working with cities across the world to make it easy for hosts to pay their fair share of tax. In France, Airbnb was the first platform to automatically collect and remit tourist taxes to city authorities on behalf of hosts.

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More than €400M spread to 1,700 cities and villages across the region

Airbnb helps grow and diversify tourism in the Occitanie region, generates new economic activity, spreads benefits to more families and communities and supports local residents who share their homes.

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Meet Ariane, Airbnb host from Hauts-de-Seine

With an incredible joy and enthusiasm, Ariane says she is really fortunate to be a host on Airbnb. Since she lived alone, Airbnb has become something really meaningful to her. She takes care of anyone who comes at her place. Discover her story!

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Meet Norbert, Airbnb host in Paris

Nested on the 6th floor of a Parisian building, in Montparnasse, Norbert Chatillon says to himself everyday that he is really lucky to live in this former artist’s studio. He stepped foot in it by chance nine years ago, and had a real impulse buy, borrowing a lot of money.

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Airbnb spreads benefits to 1,200 cities and villages

Today, we are highlighting new data about the Airbnb community in the Hauts-de-France region in France. It shows that Airbnb helps grow and diversify tourism in the region, generates new economic activity, spreads benefits to more families and communities, and supports local residents who share their homes. Today’s report shows that hosts have spread and democratized the benefits of tourism, while providing guests with authentic and local travel experiences.

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Promoting regional heritage with ‘Maisons de France’ contest

Airbnb is today launching a national competition – ‘Maisons de France’- to promote France’s diverse regions.

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