Frankfurt recognises home sharing in new by-law draft

The City of Frankfurt just presented a new by-law draft, which recognises home sharing. Frankfurt joins other German cities to present rules that expressly welcome home sharing. The by-law draft in Frankfurt is an important step for home sharers. However, this step must now be properly negotiated. The draft states that home sharers can only rent out their entire home to travelers for six weeks a year with a required permit. Additionally, home sharers would also need a permit if they wanted to rent out a single room in their home year-round.

As always, the detail is important: This by-law draft not only creates an additional bureaucratic burden for the city of Frankfurt and home sharers, but also stands in clear contradiction to the Hessian Housing Supervision Act. The Hessian Housing Supervision Act states that people who rent out their home for a short period of time once in a while should be allowed to do so without needing a permit.

The by-law draft will be discussed in the committee meeting in February and where possible, we will continue to assist the responsible decision-makers in order to introduce clear and fair regulations for home sharers in Frankfurt.


Alexander Schwarz, Managing Director of Airbnb Deutschland:

“We welcome that the City of Frankfurt is recognising home sharing in the new law. This is an important step forward. In the course of the further vote, however, Home sharing should be allowed — without a bureaucratic burden — for a period of time that suits the lifestyle of home sharers. For this reason, Airbnb will continue to be at the disposal of the responsible decision-makers in Frankfurt at all times for an exchange and cooperation.”

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