Frequently asked questions about Home Sharing Clubs

What is a Home Sharing Club & what do Home Sharing Clubs do?
Home Sharing Clubs are independent, host-led local organisations that drive initiatives to better their neighbourhoods. Home Sharing Clubs empower the global community of hosts to unite and educate their neighbours and community leaders about the cultural and economic benefits of home sharing. Clubs can serve as a great forum to advocate for fair and clear home sharing regulations in their city, share best practices around hosting and hospitality, organise community service activities, and to connect with those who share a passion for home sharing.

What does it mean to be a Club Leader?
Each Club has a Leadership Committee that works collaboratively with distinct roles and responsibilities. Sharing accountability helps ensure that everyone has a voice at the table and leads to greater Club longevity.

What does it mean to be a Club Member & who can join?
Being a Club Member means you will help other members of your club and support other Hosts in your neighbourhood. Anyone who believes in the positive impact of home sharing is welcome to join your Club including; invited guests, small business owners, and other community leaders who want to partner with local hosts.

Why should we be part of a Home Sharing Club?
We’ve heard a lot of different reasons from hosts who start and join Home Sharing Clubs. Some hosts join because they care about their community and want to participate in the discussions around fair home sharing regulation in their city. Other hosts join because they enjoy the extra sense of community and connection which comes from meeting other local hosts in their area.

How often does a club meet?
This is set by the Leadership Committee and requirements for Club Membership can vary, though membership often means attending monthly meetups in your area.

How is Airbnb involved?
These Clubs are of the hosts, by the hosts, and for the hosts! Airbnb wants to provide a global platform to make it easy for hosts who share a commitment to making their communities stronger and allow hosts to connect, organise and share. Airbnb is not actively involved in running any Home Sharing Clubs but does helps hosts who are interested in Home Sharing Clubs connect to one another.

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