Genoa hosts: a how-to guide on hosting responsibly

Airbnb and Confedilizia, the renowned house owners association, held an event to inform Genoa hosts about responsible hosting in Liguria.

The event, held within the beautiful frame of Cisterne del Ducale, saw hundreds of hosts from across the region learn about responsible hosting and watch the first preview of new videos created by Airbnb on the rules across Italy.  

Airbnb takes responsible hosting extremely seriously. There are many available resources on responsible hosting, which you can find here:

– “Responsible Host” page on Airbnb Citizen, featuring videos, links and info.
– “Hosting Responsibly” page on, including the one solely dedicated to Genoa.
– On the Liguria Region and Genoa Municipality websites hosts can find all the updated info and download the application forms to comply with the guests registration, the regional requirements for each type of accommodation, the tourist tax and the communication of the tourists flow.

The event was titled “Supporting the regulations to support the territory” and followed the agreement signed last December with the Liguria Region

The aim is to share information about tourist flows and to make owners aware of the regulations they need to comply with if they want to rent within the territory. A new regulatory legal framework – aimed to ease both the public administration and hosts’ lives – is beginning to take shape.

VIDEO / In Italy: national regulations

VIDEO / Genoa city and Liguria region

More about our local host community:

– There are 6,300 active hosts in Liguria.

77% of them only have one listing on the platform.

The very first listing goes back to June 2010 and was hosted by a Genoa resident. Since then, flows saw a steep growth, registering 10% of guests who choose to visit Liguria with Airbnb again. Genoa alone saw 63,000 arrivals in the last 12 months, registering a 60% growth. The average duration of stay is 2,8 nights, while the average number of the hosts per arrival is 2,4.

On April 25th, a national Italian holiday, the Region registered 18,000 people
During the Easter weekend presences slightly dropped to 16,000 and during the Bank Holiday of May 1st to 12,000, key holidays that confirmed the touristic appeal of Liguria among those who chose Airbnb as an accommodation.

6,300 active hosts in Liguria region

77% only have one listing on Airbnb

63,000 arrivals in Genoa in the last 12 months

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