Genoa kicks off Airbnb’s first tourist tax agreement in Italy

Airbnb has announced it will begin to collect and remit tourist tax on behalf of hosts in Genoa. This is the first agreement of its kind to take place between a home sharing platform and a city in Italy.  

From 1 August, Airbnb will be automatically collecting tourist tax on behalf of hosts in the city of Genoa, Liguria, when guests make a booking. The announcement was made by Airbnb’s Head of Global Policy and Public Affairs Christopher Lehane at the Palazzo Rosso alongside Councillor for Culture and Tourism Carla Sibilla.

Speaking after the announcement, Councillor Carla Sibilla, said: “This agreement is the result of extensive work carried out by the Municipality and it will allow the regulation of an important segment of the city hospitality; the Airbnb platform counts 4,000 beds circa only in Genoa. The incoming resources will be used for the promotion of our city, that is affirming more and more its touristic potential”.

“Genoa represents a positive model, identifying with Airbnb a simplified and effective system for the handling of visitors’ tax; this path can stand as a direction for the national law and a best practice for other cities in Italy and Europe, in favour of a system for the development of a socially and economically sustainable tourism.”

Councillor for Culture and Tourism Carla Sibilla

Chris Lehane said: “As the first of its kind tax agreement in the country, this is a landmark announcement and defining moment for Italy. Given Genoa’s well known history as a city always looking ahead to new horizons, we are proud to be making good on our commitment to simplify a complex process for regular people and to help ensure authorities receive this important financial resource. The agreement is the most recent chapter in our constructive relationship with the entire Liguria region where we have supported 64,000 guests traveling to Genoa and generating over €32.7 million in economic impact in the city.”

“The agreement in Genoa is an example of how Airbnb and authorities can work together as partners. With more than 300 tax partnerships globally, we have learned what works and how we can partner with governments to put in place an approach that achieves the government’s goals. We are committed to working as a responsible partner with governments and are pleased to be continuing similar discussions with authorities in Florence and Milan.”

Chris Lehane, Airbnb Head of Global Policy and Public Affairs

How to be a responsible host


Last year, Airbnb signed an agreement with the region of Liguria to work together to promote responsible tourism and home sharing rules, and to collaborate with authorities to make guidance clear and accessible for regular people.

In May, over 100 hosts from across Genoa gathered to watch new responsible hosting videos produced by Airbnb at an event held by Confedilizia, which was welcomed by the region.

Watch the videos and read more here.

The Airbnb community in Genoa

Last month, Airbnb released national economic activity figures that show the Airbnb community brought an estimated €4.1b in total economic activity to Italy in 2016. Today, we’re releasing regional data on the Genoa community in 2016.

1.100 current active hosts in Genoa

39 nights the typical host shared their space

2.700€ median income for a typical host

950 Genoa hosts welcomed guests from around the world last year

57.000 guests travelling in Genoa in 2016

+70% guests’ growth since 2015

3 average guests’ stay per trip

84% of guests come from Europe

How collect and remit works

For reservations made on or after August 1, 2017, guests will see a line item for tourist tax. This amount includes the city imposed tourist tax when applied.  The tax will be added to the total amount paid by guests on all stays and will be remitted directly to Genoa City Hall by Airbnb.

The host will no longer have to work out tourist tax for each individual reservation or remit it themselves. Hosts will receive further information on this collection at the beginning of July. More info will be available here and here.

A view of Genoa (

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