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Home sharing in Germany

Airbnb guests come to Germany from around the world to experience bustling cities like Hamburg and Cologne, enjoy the peace and beauty of the north and the Baltic, and be at one with nature in the Bavarian mountains. Housing shortages in some parts of Germany present a complex problem, which existed long before Airbnb’s arrival. We aim to work with local governments to find solutions that help everyone benefit from home sharing. In Hamburg, fair and progressive regulations have been introduced to promote home sharing and innovation, allowing hosts to share their space with visitors looking to live like a local. Regulations like this allow German hosts to help travelers experience authentic German culture.

Facts & Figures

68,000 active hosts over the past year

2M inbound guests in the past year

25 average number of nights a host shares his or her apartment


Airbnb is committed to promoting responsible hosting in Frankfurt

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Meet the local host community in Frankfurt

Airbnb hosts welcome guests from all around the world to Frankfurt and help them explore the city and surrounding areas like a local. While they are here, they spend money in local businesses across the city and with local residents who occasionally share their homes.

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The Hessian parliament has ruled that all cities across the state must distinguish between home sharing and commercial rental

Cities in Hesse must incorporate home sharing into the local housing laws after the Hessian parliament said local housing rules must distinguish between regular people sharing their homes and commercial operators running a business.

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Airbnb is committed to promoting responsible hosting in Cologne

Every host has their own Airbnb story. Some host to help make ends meet and some travel abroad to experience life as a local.