Glen Park Merchant Walk

At our latest Merchant Walk in San Francisco, over 50 hosts, guests, friends, and family members gathered to explore the charming neighborhood of Glen Park. Attendees came from near and far to discover the offerings of Chenery Street, one of the main merchant corridors in the neighborhood.


Glen Park is nestled away from the hustle and bustle of downtown, and is easily accessible by BART. Glen Park’s small town feel is driven by the mom and pop shops along Diamond and Chenery streets. The Merchant Walk featured a wide variety of these businesses, from specialty cheese shops to independent booksellers. Glen Park is home to many unique treasures for visitors and residents alike to discover.
Ric Lopez, president of the Glen Park Merchant Association, was our host for the evening. Ric is also the owner of MODERNPAST, an antique and furniture store that has been a fixture in the neighborhood for over a decade. Local favorites Perch, Cheese Boutique, Bird & Beckett, and Canyon Market also opened their doors to the Airbnb community.

At Perch, attendees admired the quirky selection of jewelry, home accents, and other locally made items. Rick Malouf of the Cheese Boutique told visitors about his assortment of high-quality meats, cheeses, and other specialty items. Across the street at Bird & Beckett Books & Records, groups browsed the store’s new and used book selection, as well as their storied record collection. After a quick stop to enjoy the organic and locally sourced foods at Canyon Market, attendees returned to MODERNPAST to celebrate the community.

Zoel Fages, owner of Perch, found the event successful in many ways. Zoel explained, “the Merchant Walk is a great way to introduce Airbnb hosts from other parts of the city to our neighborhood. It not only helps potential guests visiting our shop, but hosts as well. Airbnb hosts and guests enrich the Glen Park neighborhood by introducing potential new customers to each of our businesses.” When hosts encourage their guests to shop locally, the entire community benefits.

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