Good News from Tasmania

Today we’re celebrating good news from Australia, where the state government in Tasmania announced it will introduce legislation to embrace the sharing economy and platforms like Airbnb.

Addressing Australia’s Committee of Economic Development in Hobart, Premier Will Hodgman said sharing economy platforms are good for consumers and good for growth, and the government will introduce legislation next year to regulate the sharing economy.

Here’s what he had to say:

“We are prepared to take a lead on the national stage to be the first state to embrace the sharing economy. We believe it is consumers that should decide what’s best for them, not the government.”

We applaud the state government in Tasmania for recognising the tremendous benefits home sharing. We look forward to working with the Premier to help grow and diversify tourism and to provide visitors to the State with a unique travel experience in the homes of local residents, beyond the regular tourist hotspots. This helps spread economic benefits to new families, communities and local businesses that otherwise wouldn’t benefit from the tourist dollar.

We also know that a large number of Airbnb hosts right across Australia come from low to moderate income households and rely on this additional income to pay the bills and help make ends meet. By working together with the government on clear and simple rules for home sharing, we can support more everyday Australians.