Good News in New York

This afternoon, I sent the following email to the Airbnb community and I want to make sure folks who read this blog have a chance to read it as well.

Dear Host,

Today, I am happy to announce that a New York Supreme Court Justice rejected the New York Attorney General’s request for your data. The court agreed with what we have been saying for months – that the subpoena was too broad.

This is a great victory for our community, and we wanted you to know about it right away.

We still believe that our community and the Attorney General share a common goal: we all want to make New York a better place to live, work and visit.  This isn’t over, and we suspect that the Attorney General may even issue another subpoena, but our hope is that we can continue working with the Attorney General’s office to try to address his legitimate concerns about large property groups abusing our platform without the need to turn over vast swaths of data on New Yorkers just trying to make ends meet.

Sometime later this week, we will host a webinar and meeting to talk through where this leaves us.  But we wanted you to know the good news as soon as possible.

The past few months have been very difficult for our community in New York, but it’s been inspiring to see our community unite around this cause.  We said from the beginning that we would stand with you every step of the way, and I’ve been honored to do so.

David Hantman

Head of Global Public Policy