Growth report: the New York State Fair & Airbnb

In 1841, the New York State Legislature committed $8,000 for the “promotion of agriculture and household manufacturers in the State,” giving birth to the Great New York State Fair. That year, the fair drew about 15,000 people– mostly farmers looking for the latest innovations in technology and technique.

Today, the New York State Fair draws over one million people per year, from every corner of the Empire State.

Airbnb is proud to be part of the tradition of the fair. This year, local hosts near the fairgrounds will welcome about 1,000 guests, an increase of 52 percent over 2016 and nearly triple the figure in 2015. In total, local hosts will earn $167,000 from hosting during the fair, plowing that money directly back into the local economy.

As local hosts open their doors to fairgoers on Airbnb, big hotel chains have been spiking prices, with the average nightly cost for a room 66 percent higher during the first weekend of the fair ($195) than the weekend following the fair ($117.66).

With new investments from Governor Cuomo, the fairgrounds is quickly becoming a year-round destination and an economic engine for Central New York. Airbnb looks forward to being part of this growth in 2017 and beyond.

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