Guilin and Airbnb join forces to promote tourism

We’re thrilled to share news that Airbnb and the Guilin Municipal Government Tourism Development Committee signed a new partnership to boost tourism in Guilin, one of China’s most popular tourist destinations.

Through the partnership, signed today at a ceremony in Guilin, Airbnb and the Guilin government will collaborate to promote Guilin’s unique culture to international travelers and develop the sharing economy.

Under the terms of the partnership, the parties have agreed to:

  • Expand tourism through Airbnb’s global people-to-people platform
  • Collaborate to promote Guilin as a world-class tourist destination
  • Partner to stimulate innovation and public entrepreneurship under the sharing economy
  • Establish a framework for cooperation towards regulatory measures that support tourism in Guilin
  • Cooperate on how to best support the growth of sustainable and ecologically-friendly tourism.

At Airbnb, we believe home sharing and the sharing economy can help empower hospitality entrepreneurs in communities that may not traditionally benefit from tourism. That’s why we’re also proud to announce the Airbnb Guilin Rural Community Tourism programme.

The project, focused in Jinjian Village in Longsheng County, Guilin, is aimed at promoting rural tourism in Guilin and Airbnb and the Guilin government will work together to identify and promote new economic opportunities for locals through home sharing.

“Guilin is a destination world-renowned for its unique culture and natural beauty, and the city has also pioneered a forward-looking tourism strategy to ensure locals benefit from the tourism boom,” sad An Li, Vice President of Airbnb China. “We’re excited to enter this partnership and play our part in developing Guilin’s tourism industry and promoting innovation and entrepreneurship across the City.”

The signing ceremony was also attended by Guilin’s Official Representatives Luo Jianzhang, He Xiang, and Mike Orgill, APAC Director of Public Policy at Airbnb.

Today’s MoU signing follows recently agreed partnerships with the cities of Chengdu, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chongqing and Shanghai, as well as a partnership with the China Tourism Academy (CTA), highlighting our continued efforts to support cities that are looking to boost tourism and develop the sharing economy.

To date, there have been more than 8.6 million guest arrivals by Chinese travelers at Airbnb listings all over the world, while in the past 12 months, Chinese Airbnb listings hosted 2.25 million guests, a 287% year-on-year increase

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