Hawaii Hosts Stand Up for Home Sharing

Right now, state legislators are considering rules that would make it easier to host in Hawaii. These regulations — which would ensure that everyone pays their fair share — have made progress to becoming law, thanks in part to our community speaking out.

Here are just some of the stories hosts have shared to show how home sharing benefits everyday Hawaiians and their communities.

“I live on an island and traveling anywhere from here is expensive, especially with a family of 5. I love hosting because the world comes to me and I get to meet all kinds of interesting people.” – Stephanie B.

“I love our oceanfront condo but would be unable to afford to keep it if I didn’t rent it part of the time.” – Alice S.

“Airbnb has been a Godsend… it is so user friendly and makes it so simple and quick to fill our condo when we don’t have a long term tenant. It has definitely helped us make ends meet. In addition to income, it has been nice to meet new people and share our local knowledge of our city and hear of our guests’ experiences.” – Jennifer G.

“Hawaii is a very expensive place to live. My husband and I are on Social Security and couldn’t live here without the extra income.” – Alice S.

These stories have — and will continue to have — a tremendous impact on the future of home sharing in Hawaii. Thanks again to those who have spoken up, and thanks to our ever-growing community.