Responsible home sharing helps Hawaii residents take what is typically one of their biggest expenses – their housing – and turn it into a way to make ends meet. Airbnb is working with local officials to implement common-sense laws that embrace innovation and the new economy, while preserving long-term housing and the aloha spirit.

70% of hosts say hosting has helped them stay in their homes

83% of Airbnb entire-home listings are rented for less than half the year.

$649M Total spending by Airbnb guests in 2016

Meet Chef Iggy.

Iggy believes short-term rentals allow travelers to experience more of Oahu, bringing travel dollars to more parts of the island.

“Home Sharing is important to my business because I get to share the uniqueness of Hawaii. And it brings people through my doors,” he says. The smaller entrepreneurs and the smaller stores benefit so much from [short-term rental guests] coming into the neighborhoods because it brings revenue into where it’s really needed.”


Meet Blaine.

Blaine takes care of his family home in Kailua. When he’s traveling for work, he lists his family home as a vacation rental to help cover bills and keep the property in his family. “This isn’t just a vacation rental, this is a home someone grew up in. Without hosting we would’ve run the risk of losing our family home.”



Oʻahu hosts convey Hawaiʻi’s aloha spirit through home sharing

Meet Angel and Duke: Local Oʻahu residents and passionate Airbnb hosts. Duke, a native Hawaiian, and Angel, an ER nurse and 20-year resident, love their island. “It’s simply beautiful,” says Angel. “The people here are overwhelmingly friendly and treat you like ʻohana (family).”

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North Shore hosts share their home to keep historic property in the family

Meet Marie and Alec: Longtime North Shore residents and passionate Airbnb hosts. Husband Alec, a native Hawaiian, and wife Marie, a 30-plus year resident of Hawaiʻi, love their North Shore home. “This home is on land that was originally a ranch owned by my great-grandfather,” notes Alec. “My father was a cowboy and worked this land, so this property has a rich family history.”

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Oʻahu business owner believes home sharing brings people together and benefits the island’s economy

Meet Ignacio: longtime Oʻahu resident and owner of the Kaimuki-based restaurant Makana Ranch House. Ignacio’s love of food goes back to his childhood, and was cultivated over generations. “My family is from here, and I come from a background of farmers and ranchers,” says Ignacio. “So growing up I learned how to cook and share food with my family and friends at a young age .”

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Experience Hawaii with locals | Airbnb Citizen

Dance hula with Hiwa, strum ukulele with Lloyd, or sail a handcrafted canoe with Nakoa. You can now join locals who are creating and leading Airbnb Experiences across Hawaii.

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The Airbnb Community in Hawaii

Airbnb’s Hawaiian hosts have lived in their hometowns for an average of about 20 years, and 6 in 10 of them share space in their permanent homes.

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Airbnb host recommended: SALT at Kakaʻako

When hosts give their guests recommendations about their favorite coffee shops, restaurants, and shops, local business owners benefit from new customers. Home sharing is a win-win because it benefits hosts, guests, and local neighborhoods.  

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Get local, get involved. Home Sharing Clubs are a place for hosts to connect with each other, serve their communities and support fair home sharing legislation.