Responsible home sharing helps Hawaii residents take what is typically one of their biggest expenses – their housing – and turn it into a way to make ends meet. Airbnb is working with local officials to implement common-sense laws that embrace innovation and the new economy, while preserving long-term housing and the aloha spirit.

66% of hosts say hosting has helped them stay in their homes

60% of hosts share space in their permanent homes

84% of Airbnb entire-home listings are rented for less than half the year.

Experience Hawaii with locals | Airbnb Citizen

Dance hula with Hiwa, strum ukulele with Lloyd, or sail a handcrafted canoe with Nakoa. You can now join locals who are creating and leading Airbnb Experiences across Hawaii.

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Airbnb is committed to cooperation in Hawaii | Airbnb Citizen

Airbnb is committed to working with policymakers to protect local neighborhoods and affordable housing while honoring Hawaii’s unique cultures and communities. Together, we can make sure all of Hawaii benefits.

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Meet Kawehi, an Airbnb host in Hilo | Airbnb Citizen

After Kawehi lost her husband five years ago, she decided to start sharing her home. The extra income Kawehi makes from home sharing helps her keep up with Hawaii’s high cost of living. Hosting on Airbnb keeps Kawehi active in her senior years and helps her meet new people.

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Meet Morris, an Airbnb host in Hilo | Airbnb Citizen

Morris makes sure all of his guests feel like family when the stay at his eco-friendly home in Hilo. Home sharing also helps Morris make some extra income so he can save a little every month.

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The Airbnb Community in Hawaii

Airbnb’s Hawaiian hosts have lived in their hometowns for an average of about 20 years, and 6 in 10 of them share space in their permanent homes.

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Airbnb host recommended: SALT at Kakaʻako

When hosts give their guests recommendations about their favorite coffee shops, restaurants, and shops, local business owners benefit from new customers. Home sharing is a win-win because it benefits hosts, guests, and local neighborhoods.  

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Get local, get involved. Home Sharing Clubs are a place for hosts to connect with each other, serve their communities and support fair home sharing legislation.