Tell the Hawaii County Council why home sharing is important to you

A bill to regulate home sharing and vacation rentals was recently introduced at the Hawaii County Council. Bill 108 will significantly change how home sharing works on Hawaii and it’s important that the Council hear your views on its benefits and impacts. We made it easy for you to share your thoughts about Bill 108 with the Councilmembers:


Included below are talking points we’ve heard from hosts from which you can draw when writing your letter. However, the most powerful letters are ones that share personal stories, so make sure to include why home sharing is important to you, too.

Bill 108 is an effort by the Hawaii County Council to legitimize home sharing and grandfather existing vacation rentals outside the permitted districts. It also would prohibit new rentals from entering certain zones and create hurdles for those seeking permits.

The feedback we have heard from hosts to consider and share with the County Council:

  • Exempt those sharing their primary residences as Bill 108 proposes.
  • Do not ban new rentals in Ag and residential areas, and instead create a path and precedent to legalize new rentals in these areas.
  • Grandfather in existing rentals and not create a difficult use permit process. All types of residences should require the same permit.
  • Reduce the $500.00 permit fee. It is too high and will limit participation in the proposed registration process.

We also know that the home sharing community in Hawaii is a vibrant one that benefits the local economy.

  • Alternative accommodations, including home sharing, are essential to the health of the state’s economy. They generate more than $5 billion in economic impact and are responsible for more than 30,000 jobs.
  • Home sharing brings visitors and business travelers to a variety of neighborhoods, where they spend more of their money at local businesses throughout Hawaii County.
  • Home sharing also allows local residents to generate extra revenue to help deal with Hawaii’s high cost of living.

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and protect home sharing in Hawaii.