The 2018 Hawaii legislative session

What’s happening right now: bills have changed chambers

Senate bills have moved over to the House of Representatives for their consideration, and vice versa. A bill that began in the Senate (SB2963) which would negatively impact your ability to continue hosting has moved to the House and is about to be considered in the House Tourism Committee. We need your voice to ensure this bill is defeated.

What is SB 2963: This bill seeks to allow platform to collect and remit taxes for the state but in doing so, would impose harsh punishments and enforcement without consideration of the adverse economic consequences.

How can you have an impact: submit testimony


How to submit testimony:

  1. Go to the Hawaii State Legislature’s website. If you do not already have an account, you will need to create one before you are able to submit testimony.
  2. Once you have signed in, click “submit testimony”
  3. On the lefthand side, enter in “SB2963” (make sure that there is no space)
  4. Select your position on SB 2963. Airbnb is “opposing this measure.”
  5. Attach a file or write your testimony in the box and click Submit.

Information to include in your testimony:

  • Address the Chair and Committee — for this hearing you would include Chair Rep. Richard H.K. Onishi, Vice Chair Rep. Beth Fukumoto, and the House Committee on Tourism
  • Introduce yourself — make sure to mention the district in which you live and add in some personal details
  • State the measure you are testifying for and your position on the bill — testifying in opposition to SB 2963
  • Tell the Chair of the Committee why you’re writing — to ask the Committee not harm Hawaii’s economy and the alternative accommodations sector of the tourism industry as they seek to secure taxes
  • Talk about why you support home sharing. Need some thought starters? Here are some talking points to get you started:
    • Alternative accommodations help support Hawaii’s visitor industry and are crucial to the health of the state’s economy
    • They generate more than $5 billion in economic impact and are responsible for more than 34,000 jobs
    • Home sharing also allows local residents to generate extra revenue to help deal with Hawaii’s high cost of living
  • Thank the Chair and Committee for their time
  • That’s it!