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Around the world, we know that guests choose Airbnb to enjoy unique experiences in local homes beyond tourist hotspots. Guests are discovering new communities they might otherwise have missed and are spreading benefits to local residents and their communities.

Today, we are releasing new information about the positive impacts of the Airbnb community in the outer neighbourhoods in Amsterdam. It shows that Airbnb guests in Amsterdam are increasingly choosing to stay in the homes of hosts outside the city centre to enjoy authentic experiences beyond the tourist hotspots. This helps spread guests and benefits beyond the typical tourist traps to surrounding communities, and gives an economic boost to more families and local businesses that haven’t previously benefitted from tourism.

The data focuses on the following eleven neighbourhoods: Bos en Lommer, De Baarsjes, De Pijp, NDSM, Noordelijke IJ-Oever, Oosterpark, Oud-West, Oud-Zuid, Westerpark, de Plantage and Oostelijke Eilanden. These neighbourhoods are the subject of the Iamsterdam neighbourhoods campaign, which highlights the unique character and charm of these neighbourhoods outside the city centre, including local shops, restaurants and cultural attractions.

Here are the results:

  • Surrounding neighbourhoods are trending destinations for Airbnb guests in Amsterdam. Airbnb guests are increasingly choosing to stay in communities outside the city centre, as they seek authentic travel experiences in local homes.
  • Almost two-thirds of booked Airbnb listings are outside the city centre, which helps guests discover more of Amsterdam and the unique charm and character of local neighbourhoods.
  • Half of Airbnb guests in Amsterdam stayed in neighbourhoods outside the city centre. They discovered communities they might otherwise have missed and which are typically underserved by hotels, and spread spending and benefits beyond the city centre.
  • Airbnb hosts recommend local and hidden gems in their communities. 90 percent of hosts in outer neighbourhoods recommend their favourite local shops, restaurants and cafés to guests. More than two-thirds of Airbnb guests visit local businesses based on hosts’ recommendations and help boost business for local outlets.
  • Airbnb hosts in the outer neighbourhoods are typically regular members of the community who provide great experiences for guests. 5,600 Airbnb hosts have hosted in the past year in the outer neighbourhoods of Amsterdam and the typical host earns €3,400 by sharing their space for 27 nights a year. The average overall rating for hosts in outer neighborhoods is 4.6 out of 5.
  • Guests choose Airbnb for an authentic and local travel experience. Airbnb guests in the outer neighbourhoods of Amsterdam stay an average of 3.4 days and over 90 percent of guests said they chose Airbnb ‘to live like a local’. Almost three-quarters of guests on Airbnb said they chose Airbnb to explore specific neighbourhoods.

James McClure, General Manager, Northern Europe, at Airbnb said:

Amsterdam is a wonderful city with a diverse range of neighbourhoods and cultural gems, and we’re excited to help spread guests discover all this great city has to offer. Guests choose Airbnb to experience Amsterdam like a local in communities they might otherwise have missed. This helps diversify tourism and spreads guests and tourism euros to more families, communities and local businesses.

The new data was presented yesterday evening during an event in the new Iamsterdam store at the Central train station. Over 50 hosts came together to hear more about how Airbnb and Iamsterdam helps disperse tourism and spread benefits to more communities and businesses outside the city centre.

Amsterdam - Barts Boekje

During the event, we made the exciting announcement that Airbnb hosts will work together with local blogger Barts Boekje to produce a guide to the outer districts of Amsterdam and how to truly experience each of the eleven neighbourhoods like a local.
Barts Boekje blogger, Maartje Diepstraten said:

To me, the outer areas of Amsterdam have always been the most interesting parts of the city. This is where the creativity is and where you’ll find interesting innovations and inspiring initiatives. I’m really excited about working together with Airbnb on this project and can’t wait to get started.

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