Home Sharers support local business owners in Berlin

Travelers choose Airbnb to have a local and authentic travel experience. With the help of host recommendations, they get to explore parts of the city they would probably not explore otherwise. Many hosts give their guests recommendations about their favorite coffee shops, restaurants and stores, and local business owners benefit from it. Home sharing benefits hosts, guests and local neighborhoods alike.  

Uta, manuFACTORY (Lüderitzstraße 13, Berlin-Wedding)

“The Merchant Walk brings the people in this neighborhood closer together: We get to know Airbnb hosts and they get to know us and our business.”  

Jupp, Café Espera (Sonnenallee 35, Berlin-Neukölln)

“I think Airbnb guests are sometimes more interested. Maybe because they choose a place more thoughtfully and that is why they want to find out more about it.”  

Mona & David, Leevenstein (Lüderitzstraße 13, Berlin-Wedding)

“Creativity and small shops and manufacturers make our city special. We benefit from additional business we gain thanks to Airbnb hosts recommending our store to their guests.”

Daniel, Colorblind Patterns (Antwerpener Straße 23, Berlin-Wedding)

“There are less walk-in customers in Wedding than in other neighborhoods. People have to discover our shop, or they come by recommendation. Every host who recommends small businesses to his/her guests supports creatives in Berlin.”

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