Home Sharing Club in Tokyo Launched!

We are excited to share the great news that our host community in Tokyo has come together to launch the first Home Sharing Club in Japan.

Today, more than 50 hosts joined the launch event to tell their personal story on why home sharing matters to them and learn how hosts can take action to push for better rules for home sharing in Japan. Importantly, the event highlighted how good hosts can be good neighbours at the same time.

Tokyo Club Launch Photo 1

A group of hosts showed their successful experience to live in harmony with the community they reside in while enjoying the benefits home sharing can provide. All hosts divided into small groups and exchanged ideas on actions hosts can take to generate positive perceptions of home sharing in their neighbourhoods.

Tokyo Club Launch Photo 2

Other groups of hosts shared their experience on a recent action to tell decision makers their host stories and why home sharing matters. Many of attendees agreed to sign up for the club, and that this would be the first one among the recurring meetings to interact with each other and exchange ideas to make the host community friendly to its neighbours.

We look forward to seeing more hosts in other cities where we will launch clubs soon!

Tokyo’s Home Sharing Club brings together a group of dedicated home sharing hosts, who have come together to campaign for fair, simple and realistic rules for sharing their homes in Tokyo. This new independent club is an initiative run by home sharing hosts from Tokyo.

Airbnb hosts provide unique travel experiences by welcoming guests into their homes. Many rely on the additional income to improve their daily lives. Home sharing also has a positive impact on tourism and local development across the country. If you are interested in telling us your own experience with home sharing, why it matters to you, and how you share these benefits with the community, join AirbnbAction for future updates.

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