Home Sharing Club Launch: Berlin Mitte

Home Sharers from across Berlin-Mitte came together last week Tuesday to launch the first district Home Sharing Club in Berlin. The event took place at a venue very appropriate for Berlin, “Fabrik 23”, located in the backyard building of an old industrial warehouse.

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The Homesharing Club in Berlin-Mitte is the first district club to be launched and marks a cornerstone in the expansion of Home Sharing Clubs in Germany, and we are excited to see what they will plan in the near future.

Around 30 home sharers from across Mitte came together to share ideas and home sharing experiences. They also welcomed a special guest, Chris Lehane, who is the Head of Global Policy & Public Affairs at Airbnb. Chris gave an update about home sharing clubs around the world and how they are making communities stronger and supporting clear and fair home sharing rules.

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All over the world, hosts are coming together to connect and plan actions – soon there will be more than 100 home sharing clubs worldwide.

Across Berlin, home sharers in other districts, like Kreuzberg, Pankow and Neukölln, will also meet in the upcoming weeks. More and more district home sharing clubs will form and grow support for the city-wide home sharing club.

District home sharing clubs allow Airbnb hosts to build new relationships with local hosts and discuss issues in their communities. They exist alongside the Berlin Homesharing Club, which looks at issues facing the entire city.

The growth of home sharing clubs in an exciting worldwide movement and it’s great to see it expand in Berlin.

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