Home sharing club launches in Brisbane

Local hosts gathered in Brisbane’s west end at Artista for their first Home Sharing Club Meetup. The group have come together to educate their neighbours and community leaders about the cultural and economic benefits of home sharing.

Hosts often recommend Artista cafe, a trendy cafe located in a historic laneway off of Boundary Street which was a great atmosphere for the gathering – where people could intimately meet and greet over a lovely cheeseboard, getting to know one another more through exchanging hosting stories, hosting tricks and local businesses.

Aroha, one of Brisbane’s Home Sharing Club leaders, came to the 2016 Airbnb Open in Los Angeles where she was able to meet the Airbnb founders Brian, Joe and Nate and hear about the Airbnb story. At Airbnb Open various local meetups were held across town.

We asked Aroha why she thinks meetups are important: “Meetups are great because often, for the first time, you’re meeting other hosts and there are plenty of tips and ideas that can be shared. Meetups are an important way of putting a face to a name.”

Ben, who also leads the Brisbane Home Sharing Club, along with Aroha aspires to grow the group to help advocate for fair home sharing rules and share best hosting practices and tips.  They hope to create a good network of friends and business contacts to create a lively and thriving home sharing club, in turn being part of a larger network of 1000 home sharing clubs across the globe.



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