Home Sharing Club launches in Kailua

Airbnb is supporting the creation of Home Sharing Clubs to help hosts come together to advocate for fair home sharing laws in their communities. We now have more than 200 Clubs operating in communities around the world. This growing network of hosts, guests, small business owners, and local community leaders is leading the way in demonstrating how home sharing benefits neighborhoods around the world.

Airbnb hosts from Oʻahu’s Windward Side joined the O’ahu Alternative Lodging Association (OALA) to launch a new host-led home sharing club in Kailua, the third on the island.

Home sharing clubs are a great way for hosts to share ideas, experiences and information about the host community in their area.

In addition, OALA provided updates on legislation under discussion by Hawaii island lawmakers. As one of their chief goals, OALA focuses on educating other residents about the importance of the sharing economy, and the positive impact it has on small businesses and communities.

“It was really helpful because I didn’t know a lot of the issues that hosts face here. I assumed everyone knows home sharing is a good thing because we are allowing tourists to find places to that are affordable and at our own homes,” said Nancy, a local host who attended  the club lunch.

One of OALA’s members had this to say about the club launch, “I was heartened by the degree of engagement shown by hosts and their willingness to get involved in an intelligent and responsible way. They were not only there as business people, but as members of their community and they have a desire to find solutions that are beneficial for all.”

Attendees enjoyed the chance to learn from each other and also to share best practices.Many hosts have already been referring their guests to local businesses rather than large corporate chains to encourage guest spending within the Windward community.

Another host, Mark said, ”It was refreshing to see so many people who are deeply rooted here and from the area. Travelers want a real experience and they get that here.”

Learn more about Home Sharing Clubs here.

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