Home Sharing Clubs 101

Home Sharing Clubs are a way for hosts on Airbnb to connect with one another. Home Sharing Clubs across London and the UK have been organised by motivated hosts, keen to build a sense of community with other hosts in their local areas. Presently, there are several Home Sharing Clubs across the UK and Scotland.

Here’s a bit more information about why they’re formed and what they do:

Providing a sense of community
Above all else, Home Sharing Clubs provide hosts with a sense of community, by creating a space:

  • For hosts to connect with other hosts (online and in person)
  • that can fit hosts’ schedules and needs with a minimal time commitment, on a voluntary basis, and with no membership fees
  • To give hosts a voice so they can raise issues to improve the host experience

FAQs about Home Sharing Clubs

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Find a Home Sharing Club near you

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General home sharing questions answered

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What Home Sharing Clubs do
There are lots of things Home Sharing Clubs come together to do. With more than 200 clubs across the globe, each particular Home Sharing Club is different but some examples of what clubs have done, include:

  • Socialising with like-minded hosts to share hosting experiences with one another
  • Giving back to the community through voluntary action
  • Educating people like neighbours, friends and policymakers about the host experience
  • Coming together to collectively share their views and experiences with local representatives, to support fair and clear regulation around home sharing
  • Building relationships with small business owners and local establishments to help support the local economy

Take a look at what hosts have done across the UK:

  • On Mandela Day, hosts in London came together to support the Grenfell Tower relief efforts
  • During Week For Good, hosts across London and the world came together to support a variety of community service activities
  • Hosts and members of the Home Sharing Clubs highlighted their favourite local businesses and eateries which were compiled into the Waltham Forest Cultural Guide
  • Alex and Sarah, two members of the Edinburgh Home Sharing Club introduced us to their favourite local watering hole, where they send their guests

Mandela Day

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Waltham Forest Cultural guide

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Supporting local businesses

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Take a look at what some of the Home Sharing Clubs have done across Europe:

  • The Dublin Home Sharing Club created a small business walk which doubled as a tour of the city
  • The Rome Home Sharing Club worked together to collect important donations for the homeless during the holidays
  • Members of the Berlin Home Sharing Club came together to write letters to share with their local elected officials and attended local council meetings to advocate for fair home sharing regulation

Dublin: Leading a small business walk

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Rome: Helping the homeless in Winter

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Berlin: Attending political meetings

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