Home Sharing in Munich: New rules for home sharers

The vast majority of Airbnb hosts are private individuals who rent out their homes when traveling for work or leisure, otherwise known as “home sharers”. Many Munich residents use this opportunity to earn some extra cash with their house.

As a home sharing platform, Airbnb is committed to providing clear, progressive rules for home sharers, particularly by differentiating between “home sharers” and “non-home sharers”. In a home share, the resident inhabits their house on a long-term basis and only rents it out from time to time. As such, there is no potential for these properties to be returned to the housing market.

This differs from non-home sharers which include, commercially rented flats and houses are differentiated by their location and type. Many of the options on Airbnb are listed by providers who also operate holiday homes, bed & breakfasts, serviced apartments or guesthouses.

Like many other regions worldwide, the Federal State of Bavaria and the City of Munich have recognised the advantages of home sharing and adapted the relevant laws accordingly. As part of the new rules, however, lawmakers have set a fine of €500,000 for administrative offences. Instead of protecting the rights of home sharers, these new rules could unsettle potential hosts and even deter them from sharing their home with guests – even if they actually follow the rules. Politicians, the administration, as well as the administrative practice should make it clear: home sharers are welcome, as stated in the law and the articles of association.

“The new rules are a first step towards proper home sharing regulation. However, there is still not enough of a difference being made between home sharers – people who rent out the apartment they live in themselves – and professional providers. Beyond 8 weeks, home sharers who travel a lot for business or pleasure also have to obtain a permit for short-term renting of their self-occupied apartment, because they’re not using the living space for their own purposes.

Isabelle v. Klot, Spokeswoman for Airbnb Germany

Airbnb engages in regular and constructive dialogue with both the City of Munich and the state government.

On the be-a-good-host-page for Munich, you’ll find further legal facts and information about home sharing in the Bavarian state capital.

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