Hosts from Frankfurt advocate for fair home sharing regulations

At the end of June, the Hessian parliament ruled that cities in Hesse must incorporate home sharing into local housing law. The Hessian parliament has clearly shown cities, like Frankfurt, who have strict housing laws that disproportionately affect home sharers, the importance of differentiating between home sharing and commercial operators.

Home sharers from Frankfurt share a spare room in their home, or once in awhile their entire home, when they are away on vacation, traveling for work or when commuting between two cities.

Home sharers from Frankfurt wish local politicians could hear their stories of how home sharing helps them and their city. Read what just a few of them have to say:

Tom, home sharer in Frankfurt 

“I travel a lot for work and have the best experiences when locals show me their city. As a home sharer, I enable travelers coming to my city to have the same experiences. Home sharing is an opportunity for Frankfurt, and I wish that politicians see it that way and pass a law that takes the advantages of home sharing into consideration.”


Axel, home sharer in Frankfurt 

“I take great pleasure in sharing my home with interesting people from around the world. Politicians, as representatives of local people from Frankfurt, should share this joy with me instead of making it a challenge to share my home.”


Nanette, home sharer in Frankfurt 

“Home sharing is important for Frankfurt. It gives people in  tough financial situations the chance to travel to Frankfurt. Home sharing enables an exchange between locals and travelers.”


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