Hosts gather in Buffalo to celebrate Airbnb’s partnership with Canalside

Canalside is a can’t miss destination in Buffalo — for locals and visitors alike.

That’s why Airbnb is proud to partner with Canalside, gathering local hosts and their neighbors to celebrate and build community.

Over the last year, over 200 hosts welcomed 26,000 visitors to Buffalo via Airbnb, showing travelers this great city from a local’s perspective, and earning a little bit of extra money along the way.

In supporting Canalside and the world-class programming it supports year-round, Airbnb is honored to partner with an institution that so perfectly represents the rich history and bright future that makes Buffalo a great American city.

Schuyler, a host in Buffalo, is all smiles as he arrives.
Sean and Enrique have been hosting guests in Niagara Falls since 2012.
Attendees mixed and mingled, sharing insights on getting involved in the community.
Local hosts chat with each other about hosting and welcoming visitors to Buffalo.

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