Hosts on Airbnb have welcomed 700,000 guests to Berlin in 2017

In 2017, hosts on Airbnb in Berlin welcomed 700,000 guests to stay in accommodations with Berlin hosts. Most travellers (146,000) came from Germany, followed by the USA (83,000) and Great Britain (76,000). After Europe and North America, Latin America was the third-highest region for travellers visiting Berlin in 2017.

700,000 guests welcomed by Airbnb hosts in Berlin in 2017

Guests who booked an accommodation via Airbnb in Berlin in 2017 spent an average of 4.2 nights in the city – significantly longer than the average traveller to Berlin (2.4 nights). The average group size of the travellers was 2.2 guests. Last year, more than a third of Airbnb’s guests booked listings with hosts outside the tourist centers (Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg, Mitte, Neukölln, Prenzlauer Berg) and contributed to the local economy.

4.2 nights on average spent by  guests who booked an accommodation via Airbnb in Berlin in 2017

According to a recent study by DIW Econ, guests at Airbnb throughout Germany spent more than 1 billion euros on goods and services in 2016, which benefited the catering and cultural industries the most.

€1 billion spent by Airbnb guests throughout Germany in 2016

The hosts who rent out their homes to travellers reflect the diversity and openness of Berlin. Guests who book accommodation in Berlin via Airbnb appreciate individual travel beyond mass tourism. Airbnb is committed to responsible tourism and wants to work with the city to ensure that travellers discover Berlin’s neighborhoods outside the busy tourist centers.
Alexander Schwarz, Country Manager Airbnb Germany

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