Hosts on Airbnb in Porto and Lisbon have contributed more than €9 million in tourist tax since 2016

Hosts on Airbnb in the two largest cities in Portugal, Porto and Lisbon, have contributed more than 3.5 million € in tourist tax in the first half of 2018.

Hosts on Airbnb across Porto and Lisbon allow travellers from around the world to experience their cities in an authentic way, while paying their fair share of taxes. This strengthen cities by providing them with an important source of income for new investments and promotes responsible and sustainable tourism.

“Airbnb spreads benefits beyond hotels to local families and communities. It also makes it easy for hosts to pay their fair share of taxes and contribute financially to their city. Proposed new rules are a step in the wrong direction, as they will hurt local families and boost red tape for everyone. We want to make it easier -not harder- to follow the law and will continue working with policymakers on common sense rules”

said Arnaldo Muñoz, Airbnb Marketing Services, Country Manager for Spain and Portugal.

Collecting and remitting the tourist tax follows agreements between Airbnb and the Lisbon City Councils (2016) and Porto (2018) to promote responsible home sharing and simplify the collection of tourist tax for all, to the benefit of the country’s two largest cities.

The Airbnb platform works proactively with cities and tourism organisations to support responsible tourism. Airbnb has already made similar agreements with over 400 governments and local authorities around the world to collect the tourist tax (view the list). In total, it has delivered more than $700 million on behalf of hosts.


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