Hosts in Rome are committed to help homeless people

The Rome Home Sharing Club took action for another thoughtful project.

There are at least 7000 homeless people in Rome. These data are available thanks to a survey carried out by Sant’Egidio Community and Caritas Diocesana, both non profit organizations that have been helping homeless people since the 70s, people who live in train stations, under colonnades, on the streets.

Every Thursday evening the Community manages groups in order to assist homeless people, an especially important good deed during Winter season, when it gets really cold.



Patrizia and Tostina, members of the Rome Home Sharing Club, organized the very same mission with other hosts. Their commitment to help others is not something new: they have been working in Rome’s hospitals, entertaining kids with the clown therapy. This time they asked the hosts to join them collecting food, blankets, Winter jackets.




The feedback has been very encouraging. A dozen of hosts even visited the Sant’Egidio Community in person, where they had the chance to spend time with the volunteers and then with homeless people. The hosts gave them what they collected from the community, but also shared stories and hugs. It was a great evening for the city of Rome.


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