Hosts Tackle Rome’s Growing Garbage Problem

We know Airbnb hosts in Rome care deeply about their city and want to help make it a better place to live and visit. Last week, Airbnb hosts from across the capital came together to take action on the growing garbage collection problems and help clean up the streets. It was inspiring to see so many hosts come together to demonstrate their commitment to Rome and keeping the city clean.

The 20 hosts joined volunteers from community action group Retake Roma to collect garbage from Via del Corso and scrub graffiti from the city’s walls. Hosts worked tirelessly and it was great to see their efforts praised by locals, small businesses and visitors in the city. Some hosts were even joined by their children, to help show the younger generation the importance of looking after their city.


“We host tourists from all over the globe, so that’s why we want to take care of this city”, said  Airbnb host Emanuela.  “Rome is in a very bad condition and we want to help solve this situation. We care a lot about the guests we host in our homes and the reputation of our city.”


This clean up shows how dedicated the Airbnb host community is to bring positive changes to Rome. They welcome guests from around the world into their homes and communities and are ambassadors for their city. We are proud to see hosts turn their passion for Rome into civic action.


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