How New Yorkers are using Airbnb to travel

While hosts and inbound guests are a major part of the Airbnb story in New York, an even larger segment of the Airbnb community in the Empire State consists of New Yorkers who use Airbnb to travel at home and abroad.

In the last year, 2.85 million outbound guests from New York State used Airbnb to visit favorite local spots in the Empire State, as well as cities and towns across the country and around the world, the second most of any state in the nation (California, 6.99 million).

Other key findings of the report include:

  • Just over 2 million outbound guests came from New York City, with the remaining 840,000 coming from other cities, towns, and villages in New York.
  • Outside NYC, the cities with the highest number of outbound guests were Rochester (56,000) and Buffalo (55,000). These were followed by Ithaca (34,000), Syracuse (27,000), Albany (24,000), Schenectady (14,000), and Yonkers (10,000).
  • The most popular destination for New Yorkers using Airbnb was New York City itself, with over 190,000 outbound guests traveling within the five boroughs.
  • Other popular destinations include: L.A, Paris, Montreal, Havana, and London.
  • Miami Beach (winter) and Portland, Ore. (summer) were top seasonal destinations.
  • 90 percent of trips by New Yorkers were by groups of 4 or fewer people.

These New Yorkers return home with new friends, new memories, new recipes, new skills, and perhaps most importantly, new ideas. Every time a New Yorker returns from a trip, they bring part of that destination back home, enriching the lives of their families and communities and breathing new life into the “wild promise” that New York represents to people from every corner of the globe.

These residents also bring back a love and appreciation for home sharing and a commitment to see that it can thrive in their own backyards. Indeed, while hosts have long been home sharing’s most outspoken ambassadors, guests who understand the value of this growing industry are increasingly vocal in support of reasonable regulations in their own hometowns. In fact, 73 percent of Americans want Airbnb legal where they live, including 81 percent of Millennials. Moreover, 70 percent of New Yorkers believe that residents should be allowed to rent their homes.

It’s time that New York follow the lead of other cities, states, and nations in embracing home sharing. By passing A-7520, the State Legislature can bring the Empire State’s laws into the 21st century, supporting public safety and economic development from Buffalo to Brooklyn.

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