Iceland’s habitat is breathtaking and unique, and the world is discovering that as the country attracts a growing number of tourists. This tourism growth benefits the local economy and allows local hosts to introduce guests to the natural beauty of the country. Airbnb is here to support the sustainable development of tourism in Iceland’s rural areas and aims to be a key partner to local stakeholders in helping protect the natural habitat while introducing the beauty of Iceland to a new generation of visitors.

Over 5,000 Hosts who have hosted in the past year

30 years Hosts on average live in their hometown

770,000 Guest arrivals in Iceland in the past year

Helping hosts to share their homes responsibly in Iceland

Hosts in Iceland can now easily display their registration number on their listing page as Airbnb works closely with the authorities to promote the online registration process for home shares in Iceland.

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Airbnb supports Icelandic Pledge to encourage responsible travel in Iceland

Airbnb has partnered with Promote Iceland, to advocate for the Icelandic Pledge campaign that promotes responsible travel in Iceland.

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