In 2016, guests on Airbnb spent more than 1 billion € in Germany on local goods and services


In 2016, travelers who booked accommodation on Airbnb in Germany spent an approximate 1 billion Euro on goods and services locally. These are the central findings of a study conducted by DIW Econ, a subsidiary of the German Institute of Economic Research (DIW Berlin) on behalf of Airbnb.


On average, guests spent € 127 a day on gastronomy and food, consumer goods, sport and leisure, culture and entertainment, as well as transport and further goods and services. That’s  more than the average traveler in Germany who  spent  € 77 in the last year.  (Source: German business economic institute of tourism). The cost of accommodation as well as the cost of travel to and from Germany has not been included in this study. The total economic impact of Airbnb is in Germany is therefore higher than this study shows.

Many travelers who booked via Airbnb, also followed their hosts recommendations for local cafes, restaurants and shops, ensuring money spent by guests is kept in the neighborhood where they stayed.

Alexander Schwarz, General Manager of Airbnb Germany, stated:

“The amount spent by guests who travel with Airbnb has a significant impact on the local economy. In particular, it’s industries such as  food and culture that benefit. We are working together with cities and touristic regions to enable the local economy as well as the citizens to benefit from the added value of tourism.”

Dr. Anselm Mattes, a manager at DIW Econ, commented:

“The consumption expenditure of guests who book accommodation via Airbnb is a substantial economic factor and especially fosters regional value. It has a significant positive impact on revenue and jobs within the German tourism sector and other industries.“

You can read the study here.

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